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Fire Department Announcements for Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Bradshaw Fire Department, your department will have training tonight at 1800 hours at Station 12.

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Fire Department Announcements for April 13, 2015

Parkway Fire and Rescue, you will have an officer’s meeting tonight at 1800 hours, and a business meeting tonight at 1900. Both meetings will be at Station 2. Bradshaw Fire Department, you will have a meeting tonight at 1900 at Station 12. All departments, EMS con-ed will be tonight at 1830 hours at Bakersville Station 3.

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Fire Department Announcements

Bradshaw Fire Department: Class tonight at 6:00pm at Tipton Hill. Buladean Fire Department: Training tonight at 7:00pm at Station 8. Fork Mountain Fire Department: Training tonight at 6:30pm at Station 6. Bakersville Fire and Rescue: Training tonight at 6:30pm at Station 3. Parkway Fire and Rescue: Meeting tonight at 7:00pm ar Station 2. All departments: Peer Review meets Wednesday, March 25 at 1:00pm at Blue Ridge Regional Hospital. 

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