This page contains radio frequencies, 10 codes, fire stations, and unit numbers for Yancey County, North Carolina.

Table of Contents

Radio Frequencies
These are radio frequencies used by Yancey County.

Frequency Description
155.370 Law Enforcement (Repeater)
155.730 Law Enforcement (Direct)
155.085 Fire/Medical/Rescue (Repeater)
158.925 Fire/Medical/Rescue (Direct)
155.655 Tactical
154.070 Channel 5
155.190 Channel 9
156.255 Channel 12
152.285 School Maintenance (Repeater)
157.545 School Maintenance (Direct)

VIPER Talkgroups
These are VIPER Talkgroups used by Yancey County.

TGID Description
51000 Tactical
51001 Mutual Aid
51002 EMS
51003 Fire Rescue
51004 Law Enforcement
51005 Emergency Management

10 Codes
These are 10 Codes used by Yancey County Officers on the radio.

code definition
10-01 Receiving Poor
10-02 Receiving Well
10-03 Stop Transmitting
10-04 Acknowledge (OK)
10-05 Relay
10-06 Busy
10-07 Out of Service
10-08 In Service
10-09 Repeat
10-10 Negative
10-11 On Duty
10-12 Standby
10-13 Weather Conditions
10-14 Contact / Information
10-15 Message Delivered
10-16 Relay
10-17 Enroute
10-18 Urgent
10-19 Contact
10-20 Location
10-21 Telephone
10-22 Disregard
10-23 Arrived
10-24 Leaving
10-25 Meet With
10-26 ETA
10-27 Drivers License Info
10-28 Registration Info
10-29 Check for Wanted
10-30 Caution
10-31 Pick Up Items
10-32 Units Needed
10-33 Help Me Quick
10-34 Correct Time
10-35 Vandalism
10-36 Larceny
10-36A Attempted Larceny
10-36B Larceny of Boat
10-36V Larceny of Vehicle
10-36G Gas Drive Off
10-36L Larceny of Tag
10-36S Shoplifting
10-36UU Unauthorized Vehicle Use
10-37 Damage to Property
10-38 Simple Assault
10-38F Assault on Female (AOF)
10-38J Child Abuse
10-38R Rape
10-38S Sexual Assault
10-38W Assault with Weapon
10-39 Juvenile Problem
10-39W Juvenile with Weapon
10-40 Fight in Progress
10-40W Fight with Weapons
10-41 Beginning Shift
10-42 Ending Shift
10-43 Chase
10-44 Riot
10-45 Bomb Threat
10-46 Bank Alarm
10-47 Complete Assignment
10-48 Detain Subject (Hurry)
10-49 Reckless Driving
10-50 Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)
10-50F MVA with Fatality
10-50I MVA on Interstate
10-50PI MVA with Persons Injured
10-50PD MVA with Property Damage
10-50ST MVA with Subject Trapped
10-51 Wrecker Needed
10-52 Ambulance Needed
10-53 Block Drive/Alley
10-53D Debris Blocking Road
10-53P Power Line Down
10-54 Hit & Run
10-54F Hit & Run with Fatality
10-54PI Hit & Run with Injuries
10-54PD Hit & Run with Prop. Damage
10-54ST Hit & Run with Subj. Trapped
10-55 Driving while Impaired
10-56 Intoxicated Person
10-57 Run Intoxalizer
10-58 Direct Traffic
10-59 Escort
10-59B Blood Run Escort
10-59D Detox Transport
10-59F Funeral Escort
10-59M Mental Facility Escort
10-59S Snow Escort
10-59P Prisoner Escort
10-60 Suspicious
10-60V Suspicious Vehicle
10-60A Abandoned Vehicle
10-60P Suspicious Person
10-61 Traffic Stop
10-62R Residential B&E
10-62B Business B&E
10-62M B&E of Machine
10-62V Larceny of Vehicle
10-63 Investigate
10-63F Investigate Forgery
10-63FR Investigate Fraud
10-63G Investigate Gambling
10-63H Investigate HAZMAT
10-63I Indecent Exposure
10-63K Kidnapping
10-63L Locked Vehicle
10-63M Down
10-63P Harassing Phone Calls
10-63SA Special Assignment
10-63S Stalking
10-63W Welfare Check
10-64 Crime in Progress
10-65 Armed Robbery
10-65A Attempted Robbery
10-65B Bank Robbery
10-65CL Common Law Robbery
10-67 Natural Death (DOA)
10-67H Homicide
10-67Q Questionable Death
10-68 Livestock in Roadway
10-69 Advise Phone #
10-70 Improper Parking
10-71 Improper use of Radio
10-72 Prisoner in Custody
10-73 Possible Mental Subject
10-73N Notice of Hearing
10-73P Mental Papers Served
10-74 Jail Break
10-75 Propery
10-75F Found Property
10-75R Recovery of Stolen Property
10-75V Recovery of Vehicle
10-76 Prowler
10-77 Assist EOC
10-78 Assist Officer
10-79 Civil Disturbance
10-79F Fireworks
10-79L Landlord/Tenant Dispute
10-79M Loud Music
10-80 Domestic Disturbance
10-80V 50B (Restraining Order)Violation
10-81 Report to Office
10-82 Weapon (Gun)
10-82K Knife
10-82D Gun Discharge
10-82H Hunters
10-83 Silent Run
10-84 Permission to Leave Area
10-85 Assist Motorist
10-86 Personnel in Area
10-87 Message Received
10-88 Fire Assistance
10-89 Dog Barking
10-89A Animal Problem
10-89B Animal Bite
10-90R Residential Alarm
10-90B Business Alarm
10-91 Animal Carcass
10-92S Surveillance
10-93 Aircraft Crash
10-94 Gunshot Wound (GSW)
10-95 Drug Call
10-96 Meal Break
10-97 Guard a Prisoner
10-98 Serve Civil Summons
10-99 Warrant Service
10-100 Serve Writ
10-101 Juvenile Paper Service
10-102 Serve Civil Citation
10-103 Service Claim & Del. Papers
10-104 Service 50B (Restraining Order)
10-105 Serve Civil OFA
10-106 Immediate Custody Order
10-107 Court Appearance
10-108 Check Business (Extra Check)
10-109 Attempted Suicide
10-109G Suicide by Gun
10-109O Suicide by Overdose (OD)
10-110 Vehicle Maintenance
10-112 Missing Adult
10-112J Missing Juvenile
10-114 ID Pictures & Prints
10-116 Littering
10-117 Follow-up Investigation
10-120 Adopt a School
10-121CP Crime Prevention
10-121J Child Safety Program
10-121S Safety Program
10-122 Security Check
10-123 Assist DSS

Department Action Codes
These are Department Action Codes used by Yancey County Officers on the radio.

code definition
A Report Made
B Unable to locate complaintant
C Unable to locate address
D Unable to locate suspect
E Unable to locate
F No police action needed
G Problem settled
H Advised proper action
I Vehicle checked OK
J Person checked OK
K Property checked OK
L Verbal warning
M Issued traffic citation
N Made arrest(s)
O Made contact report
P Assisted,backed up
Q Other agency handled call
R Other
S Message delivered in person
T Message delivered in note
U Training given
V County/Section sealed
W Civil process or papers served
X Report made, investigation needed
Y Wrecker called,BCSD stored
Z Mission completed

Fire/Rescue Stations
These are Fire/Rescue Stations in Yancey County.

Station Location
Station 11 Burnsville
Station 12 Newdale
Station 13 South Toe
Station 14 West Yancey
Station 15 Egypt-Ramseytown
Station 16 Clearmont
Station 17 Pensacola
Station 18 Double Island

Fire/Rescue/EMS Units
These are Fire/Rescue/EMS Units in Yancey County.

Unit Description
300 Numbers EM/Telecommunicators/Fire Marshal
400 Numbers EMS Members
EMS1 Daytime unit
EMS2 24 Hour Truck
EMS3 24 Hour Truck
EMS4 Spare Truck
600 Numbers Yancey Rescue Members
NCFS 195 NC Forestry Service County Ranger
NCFS 197 NC Forestry Service Smoke Chaser
700 Numbers NC Forest Service Pre-Arranged

Law Enforcement Units
These are Law Enforcement Units in Yancey County.

Unit Description
100 Units Sheriff’s Office
200 Units Burnsville Police Department