This page contains useful information for Avery, Mitchell, and Yancey Counties, as well as other North Carolina state agencies.

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Abbreviation Definition
APB All points bulletin
ATL Attempt to locate
B&E Breaking and/or entering
BOLO Be on the lookout
City law enforcement An officer or detective sworn to serve and protect citizens within city limits
Chapter 20 Traffic violations
Chapter 90 Illegal drug activity
County law enforcement Sheriff, his deputies or detectives
CPD City police department
DSS Department of Social Services
DUI Driving under the influence
DWI Driving while impaired
DWLR Driving while license revoked
EMS Emergency Medical Servicse
ETA Estimated time arrival
Juvenile A personal under the age of 18
LEO Law enforcement officer
Medical unit Ambulance, EMS, Paramedics
MVA Motor vehicle accident
NOL No operator’s license
OFA Order for arrest
RIT Rapid Intervention Team
SBI State Bureau of Investigation
Scene The location of an incident
SHP State Highway Patrol
Signal 1 Suspect may be in possession of a weapon
Signal 1G Suspect may be in possession of a gun
Signal 1K Suspect may be in possession of a knife
SRT Special Response Team
State law enforcement A law enforcement officer that works statewide
Subject A person being discussed
Suspect A person of interest
WFA Warrant for arrest
WRC Wildlife Resource Commission