Glen Ayre: Overdose on Hidden Creek Way

GLEN AYRE, N.C. — Report of an overdose at a residence located in the 0 block of Hidden Creek Way, Emergency responders, paramedics, and county law enforcement requested. Law enforcement is on scene.

Reported by the caller as a medical emergency involving a 45 year old female who had taken a quantity of Flexeril and sleeping medication approximately one hour before calling to seek emergency assistance. The caller originally stated that she was experiencing chest pains, and while being asked interview questions, she started crying and told telecommunicators that she had in fact taken an overdose quantity of medication. Law enforcement was requested to respond to the scene for further investigation and to provide security at the scene for emergency responders. Emergency responders and paramedics were requested to respond to the scene to provide further assistance.

Update: Paramedics cleared the scene then transported the patient to a local area hospital for further medical evaluation and treatment. Emergency responders cleared the scene then returned to service.

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  1. That’s Sad. Honey who ever you are please reach out to someone. It can’t be that bad,think about the people who you leave behind. I pray that the Lord will comfort you and hold you!

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