Woodlawn: Motor Vehicle Collision on Coxes Creek

A collision on Coxes Creek Mountain between a truck and passenger car resulted in one person being seriously injured and two others deceased.

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WOODLAWN, N.C. — One person was airlifted and two pronounced dead as the result of a motor vehicle collision in the 3300 block of North NC226 Highway.

Motor Vehicle Collision on North NC226 Highway (Coxes Creek).

Original Description: WOODLAWN, N.C. — Report of a motor vehicle collision located on North NC226 Highway (Coxes Creek). Emergency responder, paramedic, and state law enforcement response requested.

Reported by an officer on scene as the collision being near the bottom of Coxes Creek mountain involving a tractor trailer and passenger car that were in a head-on collision resulting in property damage and personal injury. There was at least one person was entrapped in a vehicle. Emergency responders and paramedics were requested to respond to the scene to provide further assistance. Law enforcement was requested to respond to the scene for further investigation and to file a police report of the incident.

Update: An emergency responder on scene advised one person, a female around 170 lbs., was to be flown out by air medical transport and that there were two confirmed fatalities…

Update: An emergency responder requested the northern intersection of North NC226 Highway and NC226A Highway (top of Coxes Creek mountain) be shut down until further notice.

Update: An emergency management director on scene requested Department of Transportation respond to the scene with sand due to fuel spillage.

Update: Law enforcement on scene completed their investigation, and emergency responders cleared the scene of the wreckage. The roadway was reopened. Emergency responders, paramedics, and law enforcement cleared the scene then returned to service.

Update! Update! Update! Wednesday, July 19, 2017

On Tuesday, July 18, 2017 at approximately 1 pm, a semi-truck and passenger vehicle collided in the 3300 block of North NC226 Highway within the Woodlawn-Sevier fire district which resulted in property damage, personal injury, and fatality.

In a statement released by the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, Sgt. J.E. Reid reported that one person was airlifted to an area hospital and two others were pronounced dead at the scene.

Reid stated that a dump truck occupied by a single male, which was carrying asphalt, was most likely speeding while travelling down the mountain southbound on North NC226 Highway and that he was left-of-center, which caused the truck overturn. A yellow Honda Fit passenger car, occupied by two females, mother and step-daughter, was travelling up the mountain northbound on North NC226 Highway when struck and clipped by the truck, resulting in the car becoming crushed and dragged underneath the truck.

Reid further stated that emergency responders had to cut and extricate all three of the victims from both vehicles due to the severity of the damage that both incurred during the collision.

Reid stated that the driver of the Honda Fit passenger car, 43-year-old Teresa Anne Turpin of Burke County, was in serious condition and was air transported by MAMA to Mission Trauma Center. The truck driver, identified as 55-year-old Toney Abron Frye of Hickory, as well as the passenger of the Honda, identified as 15-year-old Julie Lauren Turpin of Burke County, were both killed during the collision.

North NC226 Highway was closed for an extended period of time so law enforcement could conduct an investigation and so emergency responders could clear the roadway of vehicle wreckage as well as hazardous chemicals and materials which were spilled into the roadway from both vehicles, including asphalt and fuel. The investigation was completed and the scene cleared mid-evening around 5pm and the roadway was re-opened to traffic.

Emergency responders from Parkway Fire and Rescue, officers from the Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office, and paramedics from Mitchell County EMS provided Woodlawn-Sevier Volunteer Fire Department and McDowell County with mutual aid assistance.

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