Bakersville: Motor Vehicle Collision on North NC226 Highway

BAKERSVILLE, N.C. — Report of a motor vehicle collision located in the 2000 block of North NC226 Highway within the Bakersville fire district. First responder, paramedic, and state law enforcement emergency response requested.

Reported by the caller as the collision occurring near the intersection of Cub Creek Road involving a vehicle that went off the embankment which almost went into the river that resulted in property damage and possible personal injury. First responders and paramedics were requested to respond to the scene to provide further assistance. Law enforcement was requested to respond to the scene for further investigation and to file a police report of the incident.

Update: A law enforcement officer at the scene advised that nobody involved in the collision sustained any injuries and that the vehicle involved sustained very minor damage. A wrecker was requested to tow the vehicle back into the roadway. The officer did not file an incident report per the request of the operator of the wrecked vehicle. First responders and law enforcement cleared the scene then returned to service.

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