Loafer’s Glory: Motor Vehicle Collision

LOAFER’S GLORY, N. C. — Report of a motor vehicle collision located around the 2700 block of North NC226 Highway within the Bakersville fire district. First responder, paramedic, and state law enforcement emergency response requested.

Reported by the caller as a collision that was located between Loafer’s Glory and Red Hill around two curves past Bonnie and Clyde’s restaurant.

Update: A first responder on scene advised that they were able to extricate of the occupants of the vehicle(s) involved in the collision and that they stated that they were not injured and that they would be refusing paramedic services and requested that Young’s Fuel Service respond to tow the vehicle. Dispatchers, as a result, cancelled response from paramedics and they returned to service. Dispatchers were also attempting to contact Young’s Fuel Service.

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