Bakersville: Shoplifting on Crimson Laurel Way (Dollar General)

Report of a person shoplifting at a business in the 300 block of Crimson Laurel Way (Dollar General) within the Town of Bakersville. City law enforcement response requested. Law enforcement is on scene.

Reported by the complainant employee as a female that was suspected of placing items that she had not paid for inside of a large pocketbook. The employee provided a detailed description of the female and the articles of clothing that she was wearing,

County law enforcement also responded to the complaint and assisted city law enforcement with the investigation.

Update: Law enforcement officers responded to the scene to investigate the shoplifting complaint. Upon arrival, the officers started an investigation and located a female that matched the complainant’s provided description then located two males that were affiliated with her. The officers identified the female and both males as suspects and also identified a Chevrolet Silverado as the motor vehicle that was used by the suspects. During the investigation, officers searched the suspects as well as the motor vehicle and located a small quantity of a substance that was in pill form that was in a suspect’s possession then determined, through verification, that it was an illegal controlled substance. Officers seized the illegal controlled substance and issued the suspect a citation for simple possession of a controlled substance. Law enforcement officers completed the investigation then cleared the scene and returned to service.


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