Bakersville: Cardiac Problems on George McKinney Road

Report of a person experiencing cardiac problems at a residence on George McKinney Road. First responder and paramedic emergency response requested.

Reported by the caller as a 79 year old male whose chief complaint was feeling light headed. He has a cardiac history; he advised telecommunicators that he underwent heart surgery twice over the summer and that he does has a pacemaker. His stated that his blood pressure was 80/50 at the time of call. Paramedics requested that medical air transport be placed on standby due to the nature of the call and his prior cardiac history.

Update: Paramedics on scene advised that he had post-aneurysm and that he had two heart valve replacements at Mission Hospital. Paramedics requested that MAMA medical air transport be launched to the landing zone at Bakersville Volunteer Fire and Rescue.

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