Four Arrested for Drug Charges in Mitchell County


MITCHELL COUNTY — Four people were recently arrested and charged with drug charges.

Mitchell County Deputies recently arrested and charged James Randall Clark, Misty M. Robinson, Brian Keith Hughes, and Jamie Smith Deyton with drug violations.

James Randall Clark, age 34, of 7366 Highway US19E, Spruce Pine, NC
James Randall Clark, age 34, of 7366 Highway US19E, Spruce Pine, NC

James Randall Clark, age 34, of 7366 Highway US19E, Spruce Pine, was arrested and charged on July 7, 2016 with the following:

  • Felony Possession Schedule II Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine)
  • Misdemeanor Posses Drug Paraphernalia

Mr. Clark was given a $25,000.00 secure bond.

D. Holmes of the Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office was the charging officer.

Misty M. Robinson, age 39, of 67 Dawn Court, Bakersville, NC
Misty M. Robinson, age 39, of 67 Dawn Court, Bakersville, NC

Misty M. Robinson, age 39, of 67 Dawn Court, Bakersville, was arrested and charged on July 9, 2016 with the following:

  • Felony Sell / Deliver Schedule II Controlled Substance (Methadone)

Miss Robinson was given a $12,000.00 secure bond.

A. Beam of the Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office was the charging officer.

Brian Keith Hughes, age 35, of 1304 Chestnut Grove Road, Spruce Pine, NC
Brian Keith Hughes, age 35, of 1304 Chestnut Grove Road, Spruce Pine, NC
Jamie Smith Deyton, age 36, of 165 Sawmill Hollow Road, Burnsville, NC
Jamie Smith Deyton, age 36, of 165 Sawmill Hollow Road, Burnsville, NC

Brian Keith Hughes, age 35, of 1304 Chestnut Grove Road, Spruce Pine, and Jamie Smith Deyton, age 36, of 165 Sawmill Hollow Road, Burnsville, were arrested and charged on July 10, 2016 with the following:

  • Felony Posses Methamphetamine
  • Misdemeanor Posses Drug Paraphernalia

Both were given a $7,500.00 secure bond.

A. Beam of the Mitchell County Sheriff’s Office was the charging officer.

All four suspects are scheduled to make their first appearance in Mitchell County District Court on July 11, 2016.

All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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  1. Good job ! Look like a rough bunch ! Get them off the street and behind bars where they belong !

  2. I really like how people get on here and judge people. What they done is wrong but let us remember INNOCENT UNTIL PROVING GUILT.Drugs are an epidemic in this county as well as others. We need to help people that have the sickness of addiction and not put your negative 2 sense on it.

    • Amen sister well said…

    • Completely agree! This is a terrible illness that needs to be addreseed. I pray that when these folks are arrested they can get help for that sickness. This is a huge problem in Mitchell County and a sad one. As long as there drugs on the streets tempting the people it has already or has it the past it will get worse. I’m glad they arrested them. I just wish they could get the help they need. Just putting someone in jail for a few days or weeks doesn’t do anything except make them mad and cause them to go into DT’s. Which is going to make them go find a “fix” as soon as they get out! It’s a vicious cycle & illness! They need pray, medical help, guidance.

  3. I’m not judging, BUT, I have to say people know what the consequences are when they take that first try. The outcome will get the best of you. Thank you Law Enforcement for getting these bad guys. These are the kind of people that will get our children and other loved ones “hooked”. These people will do ANYTHING, but earn an honest hard earned living. I’m not judging, im just being honest. I do believe that good people get curious and want to try it and when they do, it takes over their life and they start doing all the dishonest and horrible things to get the next high. It can be that they get your loved ones to try it in hopes of getting them addicted that way they will come back with money to buy it. That’s how these people make their living, at the cost of our families lives. Do, with that being said, I put my two sense in and spoke negatively because this is nothing but a negative situation.

    • I hope and pray that no one that you care about ever has an addiction problem. And no just because a person does drugs their selves dosent mean they are going to gI’ve it to anyone. I was born and raised in a Big City with more drugs than Mitchell County has seen,also was raised in the projects but that doesn’t mean that older people exposed younger people to drugs and if they had it would have been my decision to try it. You act like someone is putting a gun to their head and telling them to do it. Get your head out of the sand.

  4. Get your head out of the sand yourself and stop covering up the ugly truth about drugs and as a matter of fact, I have a few loved ones with an addiction and they got hooked by getting around these kind of people and although I love them, all they think about is how they can get their dope and and what they can do to get it. Its a vicious cycle that affects the whole family. And yes older people will sell to younger people. And no I’m not saying someone is holding a gun to their heads to try it. Read my first response again. Enough said…..

  5. Enough Said? Really? Who are you? I don’t care to read your first response because that one just like this one is BS. You know nothing about addiction. You’re probably the kind of person if you really do know someone who is addicted,you turn your back on them and them gossip about them. Judge not or you will be judged by a higher power. You my dear need to go spend a weekend in downtown Asheville and see what an addict goes through. And most have done this to their selves but alot have gotten this way because of doctors over prescribing too much and then instead of weanig them off they cut them off cold turkey. Again I say again GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF THE SAND..

    • I’d rather not my dear, and I’m finished discussing this issue with you.

    • Said well the DOCTORS get you on them&your body depends on that pain medicine “or whatever it may be and then people that don’t need them or even some don’t want them but the doctor visit is free&1.20-3.00 is all the medicine cost so they sell it to.young people I mean as young as15yrs old just think a 15mg pain pill cost a dollar a mg actually they get 20 bucks a pill but they get 120 to 180 yes im talking a hundred&sell 50 of them thats 750.00 bucks thats just an example (most sell all of them at 15 bucks so say 120@$15dollars….do the math that’s 1800.00 BUCKS &they payed probably 3.00 dollars for all them & make this within hour or two of getting that script man these people live the high life&are pain free but someone in bad pain&would give drug test&come in at anytime for pill count can’t seem to get pain meds.thats why we are awake all hours of the night walking cause we can’t lay&never get out cause we become so depressed & can’t make your own bed without gritting your teeth from the pain so on a sorta decent day we try to do everything &we pay dearly for it my feet are swollen &my lower back feels like it’s on fire&this pain runs down like a bolt of lighting into my hip I’m miserable I mean miserable but you good Ole doctors keep up the good work & I bet you don’t see them at funeral home when it’s someone at the age 18-not even 40 that overdosed on one of your scripts you wrote to a older person that’s probably driving new car,eats out all the time,shops like crazy it’s just so not write& I’ve been to funeral home over this issue&problem&more than once&it was awful.We suffer don’t we Pam & it’s so wrong hope your resting some anyway but you agree totally with me don’t you? So to these others on here saying get them help,well some of us don’t have a choice on it &aren’t just an addict we actually have something wrong &it’s put a bad damper on me I never thought I’d be in this shape&in this state of mind at 47yrs old did you Pam? So tell these unknowledgable people until they have been in our shoes to get off line or go play candy saga on line ……JUST SAYING

  6. Good for you, my dear! You wouldn’t win anyway!

  7. You wouldn’t have either!! SMH

  8. Thought you were done discussing this? It’s strange that everyone else that posted on here agreed with what I said. I’m not covering up anything. I happen to deal with addiction on a daily basis,.I go out and try to encourage people to get off of drugs so SYH at that.

  9. I guess I’m not finished after all. I’m not trying to compete with you on this. You shared your opinion and I mine. It’s great that you encourage others to try and get off drugs. I feel that my opinion totally went over your head and you don’t even know me. You just assume you comprehend my opinion. I stand strongly on how I feel about it and obviously, you do yours. It is what it is.

  10. So Robin,I have no problem with what your beliefs are, but isn’t easier to show some empathy? All I ask of you or anyone else is to lift others up in prayer. That is really all we have left in this world. And you are correct i don’t know you and I can apologize for that but don’t patronize me saying that anything that you said or can say is over my head, because you don’t know me either. Have a Blessed Day.

  11. Sandie Boyd,You can speak for yourself, I don’t need or want you speaking about me, worry about YOUR addiction. I’m a big girl and can handle my business on my own. Take my advice. OKAY????

  12. This isn’t a police matter. Tou shouldn’t go to jail for this, you should have to go to TRUE rehabilitation and a facility for this matter. Being locked up in jail over “drugs” is just a waste if ALL OUR money. Mental Health Rehabilitation over jail any day!

  13. While crimes committee on drugs are civil or criminal act and have to be addressed by law enforcement, until the judicial system properly incorporates the use of mental health with a strong focus on drug rehabilitation, drug related crimes will persist. The individuals serving jail time for drug related offenses then released simply repeat the pattern because serving time in jail isn’t solving the reasons individuals are doing drugs. Criminal activity, especially stealing to sell items for money to obtain drugs, which they are addicted to will simply continue. This is a viscous cycle that wast tremendous amounts of taxpayer dollars. A revised approach that includes medical intervention must transpire and I certainly hope it does sooner than later; what a waste and disservice to drug related offenders and tax paying citizens! Additionally, economic hardships, driven by the poorly performing economy by political agendas not striving to improve the economy and often detrimental to the economy, greatly contribute to drug usage and drug related crimes. So, either make changes that address the actual issues determined by causal analysis for drug usage and drug related crimes or continue using a system that isn’t designed to address drug usage and drug related crimes, wasting so much money it makes my head spin, and nothing changes; which is called “Insanity.”

    Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

  14. EDIT: Typographical correction.
    While crimes committed on drugs…are civil or criminal acts…

  15. Amy Peterson, Thank you for your post. You are 100% right about this. It’s really sad that decent people will have charges against them when they are using drugs to try and cope with life,when most of them have some type of mental issues.I hope the court system can change the views when it comes especially to drug related charges.

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