Tipton Hill: Motor Vehicle Accident on NC197

Report of a motor vehicle accident on NC197 Highway. First responder, paramedic, and state law enforcement emergency response requested.

Reported by the caller as the accident taking place in the vicinity of Griffith’s Store between a car and a flatbed, and that a person involved in the accident may have possibly sustained an injury.

Update from First Responder on Scene: Upon arrival at the scene, a first responder made contact with the injured female victim who stated her chief complaints were knee pain and a head injury.

Update from Highway Patrol Officer: The Highway Patrol Officer that responded to the scene requested that Young’s Wrecker Service be contacted to respond and tow an older model Ford pick-up truck that was involved in the collision.

Update from the Scene: All victims involved in the accident refused paramedic treatment or transportation to a medical facility for further evaluation and the paramedics cleared the scene and returned to service for additional calls. Young’s Wrecker Service arrived on scene to tow away the disabled vehicle. First responders provided traffic control at the scene until all hazards were removed from the roadway.

Update from the Scene: A first responder on scene advised that all hazards, including vehicles involved in the collision, were removed and the roadway was open to unrestricted travel. All responders have cleared the scene and returned to service.

Dispatched Agencies: Bradshaw Volunteer Fire Department Station 12, Emergency Medical Services (Medic-51), North Carolina State Highway Patrol.

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  1. This was accident that I was involved in. The dispatcher gave the first responders the wrong directions. Only one of the First Responders was there with me. I was really scared. The other first responders showed up about 3 minutes before the ambulance did.I had already stopped my head from bleeding by applying pressure to the injury. The ambulance staff told my husband and me that there was no sense in going to SP Hospital as they didn’t have an orthopedic Dr. My knee was hurt the worse. My husband drove me to JC Medical Center. They were so nice and comforting as I was really scared. I can’t remember the man’s name that stayed with me until really my husband showed up. This man is at Griffiths store alot,he wears a cowboy hat all the time. I am very THANKFUL to him. I Thank The Lord I wasn’t hurt any worse than I was,the wait for the first responders was ridiculous and I understand that they where following the instructions from the dispatcher. I hope that the next time someone who needs help down at this end of the county can give the right information. I called 911 myself and clearly stated where I was. I only had a cut on my head that required 4 staples and soft tissue injury to my knee. I Thank God it wasn’t any other people injured. I appreciate the first responders and the ambulance workers so very much.

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