What Happened to Mitchell County Alerts?

As all of you noticed, we sort of just…. disappeared!

Without going into all the nitty gritty details, our connection provider that we have done business with for over 20 years, which we won’t mention by name but will refer to them as “Crappy Cablevision”, made the decision to discontinue service to us.

This unfortunately placed us in a huge bind, as it knocked our server offline, which also hosts a collection of other web sites for other clients.

While exploring solutions to bring us back online, we used a mobile hotspot to continue providing updates to you. So we went through 12GB in 8 days. Not bad, huh?

We will be joining the new Frontier to provide us a permanent, stable link, but in the meantime we do have a temporary Internet connection in place that seems to be working well for us for the time being.

Our server is also back up and running, and I would like to give a special thanks to Burnsville Computer Services and Repair for their willingness to host our server until we find a more permanent home to send it to.

Please be sure to stop by and like Burnsville Computer Repair on Facebook!

Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding during our downtime.


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  1. So sorry for your problems! You all provide a unique service–wonder if there is a granting source? Glad to know you and staff was all right! Although I wanted to be optimistic about your absence thinking it was just a lull in unpleasant occurrences I should have known better. THANKS for all that you do!

    • Judy, Crappy Cablevision did not receive our payment submitted through our bank’s bill pay. Instead of letting us know no payment was received, we were disconnected without as much as a word and left to guess what the problem was. What a great way to treat a customer of over 20+ years, right? While we try to do business locally, we are not pleased with the level of customer service received, and decided it was time to take our business elsewhere.

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