Spruce Pine: Traumatic Injury on Hannah Lane

Report of a person with a traumatic injury on Hannah Lane. City and county law enforcement, fire, and medical emergency response requested and on scene. WINGS is on standby. Law enforcement has secured the scene.

Reported as a 32 year old male with a pistol shot to the temple. He is breathing at this time. The male subject is reported to be intoxicated. The caller is advising that the male subject called him into the room, and he observed the male subject with the 9mm gun and told him to put it down. He said it was not loaded, then pulled the trigger.

Update: Subject will be airlifted by WINGS. Paramedic is advising the subject is approximately 34 years of age.

Update: Subject was not airlifted. More information will be made available as it becomes available.


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  1. Heart broken he was an amazing man.

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