Metcalf Cousins Convicted

Calvin and Phillip Metcalf, cousins from Mitchell County, who were arrested July of 2014 for an assault of an Avery County Deputy and escape from custody have pleaded guilty to Assault with a Deadly Weapon on a law enforcement officer and robbery and have been sentenced to at least 14 years in prison.  Calvin Metcalf, age 21, of Bakersville, and Phillip Metcalf, age 25, of Spruce Pine, also admitted in court that they were habitual felons.  The two men were under arrest for breaking into Bonnie and Clyde’s Restaurant.   Avery Detective Frankie Catalano checked the two Metcalf cousins out of the McDowell County jail after they told the investigator they could lead him to the stolen property stashed at their grandmother’s house in Avery County. They jumped and assaulted him, stole his sidearm and the county owned truck.  They were found in Calhoun, Georgia July 30th.   Calvin Metcalf fought with lawmen after the truck was found outside a convenience store.  Phillip has already been taken into custody at the truck, but when Calvin came out of the store, he bolted for the truck, managed to get in the passenger’s side, and while struggling with the officers, he started the truck and put it in reverse.  Another lawman managed to knock the truck out of gear while Calvin Metcalf was pepper sprayed and taken into custody. Both were taken to the Gordon County Jail and may still face charges there.  

Calvin Metcalf
Phillip Metcalf


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  1. Glad they’re put away for awhile I feel much safer !

  2. Pieces of shit,,, glad they are locked up……… As a boy Calvin could of made up his mind to do good, instead he chose this path,, may the Lord be with them..

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