Estatoe: Noise Disturbance on Hinson Thomas Road

Report of a noise disturbance on Hinson Thomas Roasd. County law enforcement response requested and on scene.

Reported by complainant as screams coming from the neighbor’s yard.

Update: A county law enforcement officer responded to the scene on Hinson Thomas Road and investigated the noise disturbance complaint. Upon arrival, the officer observed a subject outside holding a flashlight. After making contact with the subject, the subject was identified as as the complainant who described the disturbing noise as the screams of a woman and child which were originating from a yard belonging to a neighbor. While investigating further, the officer observed a subject sitting in the yard belonging to the neighbor of the complainant.  this suspect, the suspect stated that his family was having a camp-out in their yard, and the children were running around and screaming. During follow-up contact, the officer made the complainant was aware of the outdoor events taking place at the neighbor’s residence. County law enforcement is clear of the scene and back in service.

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